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time stopping a few days and then coming on profusely.

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arranged in what are now termed the Western and Middle Museums which were

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tion. An average of twenty five physicians daily see patients

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in turn being divided into gastrotomy and gastrotomy with

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from pneumonia 4.5 from bronchitis and 23 from la grippe

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Db. William T. Gemmil Forest has been elected president

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The 149th annual report of this hospital has been made

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perienced patient that the tube is in the stomach are often

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methods and considered the technique of each. He believes that

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Dr. Z. Eoleau Manteno has been elected president of the

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from angular insertion of the ureter. The treatment depends

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Laboratory. The analyses and examinations of a scientific charac

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effected by twisting the wire over one of the lead plates.

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