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tion of tuberculosis is to be carried out on the same lines as

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Dr. John Browjst of Edinburgh the well known author of

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stuffs necessary for their continued life the exhaus

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years 4 or 5 were bled in 4 serum was employed but without

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something must be allowed for the small caliber and rapidity

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much dependence on a history of tuberculosis in these pa

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and chronic inflammatory hyperplasia of the villi of the

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men ovale is sometimes very annoying but ordinarily may be

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examination of blood. In regard to treatment of severe ane

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fy such a conclusion. Out of about 1600 of my carefully kept

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tion of collodion thread that is thread rendered impermeable

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feeble and she was very stupid. Her physical condition

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that the practice of each licensee must be limited to certain

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calomel etc. as indicated. As an illustration of the signifi

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gery but condemns the rushing into specialism of those who

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receive medical patronage. They range in degree of secrecy

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appointed to consider and report to the Colleges on the

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Concours Medical for the best work on the Encombre

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ment c right posterior compartment lt left posterior compart

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irregularity in the action of both ventricles such as

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Dr. Ludvig Hektoex said that it has been held theoretically

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back to the cord as vasomotor fibers to supply the vessels

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induced. A drawback to the use of nitrous oxid gas alone is

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Madison Taylor gave an address on Hypnotism and Some of

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The Board of Curators of the Central University of Ken

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unusually large number of papers of practical interest to those

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A Double Trial Lens to Balance the Eyes in Presbyopia.

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with a fair secretion of urine containing no albumin in whom

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of appetite but there was no diarrhea. The spleen and liver

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by vigorous friction of the surface. Further the shivering of

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Dr. Joseph Sailer thought possibly the particles were loose

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