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suppuration extends outwards towards the surface but

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tion. The article in question is understood to have

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powers of the agent he employs. Success in this as in

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for six to twelve hours washed in water for one minute

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to pull asunder the weaker ones at the knee and ankle

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eral respects which I shall explain farther on. SuflBce

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some value in the differentiation of species and the

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between chloroform and bile has led the former to be

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that of spurious hydrocephalus deserved to be noteo.

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usual The result of this change after the first twenty

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The ball entered at the lower margin of the seventh rib

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Proust admits that certain analogies exist between the

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condition of tlie bones and articulations or with the

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screwing them directly to the lower end of the tube.

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ball of one foot while the negative was applied to the

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