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the introductory address at the CoUege in FifUi avenue
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births there were 36 992 single delireries 444 instances
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matter of some practical importance. If an attempt be
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quite vigorous health. On making the first application
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dogs are transmitted by an infected tick to its offspring.
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eulata and C. Bulbifera are natives of all sections of our
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asked upon the stand he did but think they contained
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should be ringed with vaseline to prevent evaporation of
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ing lest our junior practitioners hug the delusive idea
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shaped over the body they are densely covered with long
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mencing the particular operation since if uncompli
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professors of magnetism wiU soon find their occupation
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When ether is used with a douche of this kind or with
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persons accidentally but that powerful ferment specific
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forcibly compress the head so as to cause the various
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to Zurich Professor Billroth was an assistant to the fa
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he had liad no passage since the Saturdav previous
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of the naked eye appearance in the broth at varying
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or twice since being tapped he has passed over a gallon
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The fluid scraped from the cut surface of this speci
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effect such a result. The first vessel was cut on the 1st
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toward the head of ihQ bone in the direction of the
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are the scrofulous affections oi the bones. Toynbee
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here few corpuscles are found as this part is composed
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disease requires some little exposure. They would get
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apparent fairness and we shall endeavor as occasion
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tainly fail to stop such large vessels as are frequently
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larvae because the adults do not frequent human habi
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water is made by shaking up a few drops of aniline oil
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save the last he had used the knife and had been both
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pelvis the greater theohanoe will be of tilting the firag
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mendable vigor. Under their administration the long


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