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and their relations to one another. The book ends with a full bibliography, classified under
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tion of the drug in paralyzing the terminations of the vagus
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enlarged London edition. In one very handsome octavo volume, with lour beautifully colored
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following descriptions are sufficiently studied: —
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to the ankle. Shortly after these pains develojxtl, he noticed that
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nearly half a pint twice a day, warming with it a little new milk.
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the means of preventing the eye from going altogether to destruc-
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Of course all these measures and suggestions are best carried
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heterngeneis et venenatis ita nonnunquam refertus est, ut Febres intermittentes non alia de
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the radix descendens or median tract may account for it, or, as many suppose,
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hour bouillon cultures. From eight inoculated guinea pigs which died, the
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nearly 20 years of clinical experience with jejunoileal bypass,
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the other hand, if there is no normal thyroid tissue
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Heart. Chronic heart disease sometimes follows, but the most serious
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Modification and Improvements in the Methods of Immunization.
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horses was analogous to scarlatina in man ; at least
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and marketing them in stock, instead of selh'ng to govern-
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about; whilst it is wrong to wait the arrival of such a man and so
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of the pipette. Then one compartment of the mixing cell is filled
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condition has not yet been confidently labelled and pigeon-holed
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in the history of disease than is generally supposed, and that they are des-
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sons' feet are smelled a mile off, more or less. To make
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dead colleges, to blot out bad records, or to confer recognition
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larity, and not in a perfectly straight line. It may be readily
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This book possesses a gold mine of information and is
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nation which originates great ideas, great sentiments, and trains great
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a diverse strategy of nuclear waste management that includes
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water is poured in to half-fill the cup, and the patient


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