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tied. The jaw bone was drilled and two silver wires intro
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the lower dorsal region which was evidently due to a de
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As regards surgical methods asepsis and antisepsis have been
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distilleries for the production of alcohol from potatoes alone.
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quired to maintain it After the incision is made in abdominal
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checking of indiscriminate expectoration regulation of possible
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be accurately given. There should be no compromise in this
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vised for the establisliment of a nonsectarian dispensary for the
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nation and Certificate may relate or by whom such Declaration may have
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arrival at which place he will report for assignment in the Division
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felt. We then decided to open the dura and attack the
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Association of Military Surgeons of the United States New
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i uadrant 9 in front of and below the malleus 2 in the
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on similar occasions. For many years Dr. Jacobi has been
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ophthalmic goiter as a possible but excessively rare neu
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stant oozing instead of gushes of blood and the fluid is in
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Erill has described a fracture through the coracoid
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able since L. Loeb has also stated in another paper that
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into the joints particularly the smaller. Douches and
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The most remarkable feature of the sediment is pre
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marizes the interdependence of the bacillus and the pre
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epiglottis. The head correctly placed should remain so
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the first case and plus 70 in the second. The amount of
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tions are not strong enough to fill the space. In these cases

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