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Cellular Retrogression of Striped Muscle Fibers. G.

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was found that the entire area of the trigeminal distri

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Therapeutics like Pathology may become a practical science useful

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Stomach Conditions in Early Tuberculosis. Boardman Reed Phila

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have developed into bacilli. When the organism has ma

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beet he could and compromised taking for the bills whatever

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for the term and was ree ected in a highly spirited though friendly

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you have my reprint reporting 234 cases of abdominal sections

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guish laryngeal stertor he throws aside the anesthetic and ex

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tions and traumatism this last stands second as a cause to

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bibulous paper and noting the odor as the ether evaporates.

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cities was advocated by several and it was observed that

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Warning is given that abdominal breathing is not a constant

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Trusting that you will fill out the enclosed application form and

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find a case of tetanus in its wards. A large percentage of

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mediate return of the water injected the absence of

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to cerebral hemorrhage and the same condition result

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which U7itil recently prevailed and against which strong ob

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forceps and the cervix was cautiously divided from side to

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done conveniently by wringing it inside a towel in such a way

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fore the flow commenced also the serious brain symptoms were

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signs and 4 the progress of the case. Of the local symptoms

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from an apparently hopeless state to the commencement of

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increased severity in the nose soon characteristic foci

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for any good purpose and do not meet any of the indica

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foot was inverted making her walk on the outside of

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vital centers in the medulla. Rhythmic traction of the tongue

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side chains are rendered functionally useless by combina

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practiced there four years. He then returned to Baltimore

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sive studying or other exertion with headache on waking and

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developed signs of a reactionary inflammation. It is

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ferings were continuous with exacerbations every few mo

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recover but they are practically all serous and usually die

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Harvard College. Annual Report of the Curator of the Museum of Comparative

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ered from so caUed incurable diseases. Allowing the

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tympani causing rupture I have gathered three cases

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into it from the opening in the gut and when the cavity

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and ocular symptoms. In other cases there is associated

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myomectomy. 2 a total of 309 operations. As regards the

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curring eighteen years after the first syphilitic infection. He

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at bedtime followed by two drams of Epsom salts in a glass

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the cornea and the conjunctiva the sensibility was dimin

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of no operation which could be undertaken without such prelimi

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could recognize the tendency of the subject to loss of con

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vescent Salts Ingluvin. A Harmless Remedy for Gradually

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of bacteriology new light has dawned on infection an3

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the best interests of the patient. Finally if the vitality

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prognosis is good when it is due to trauma and fair when

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causes were nephritis 26 cancer 6 tuberculosis 57 dia

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boys all over the country is but a homely modilicatic n.

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hardly justified by the needs of the case. In some cases the

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cavit.T with his right hand. The effect conveyed by the assistant s

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Department of Agriculture Washington D. C delivered an

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which there is that form of chest and type of tissue together

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the patient is a man that will be a comparatively easy task

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be made and when injected into animals produce a fatal

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in June 1898. when she became weak stupid took nour

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denced by the fact that the patient asked for them in case

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cent boroglycerin methyl salicylate or oil of gaultheria oil of

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