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August 1887 and the Council having on the 13th of October
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Dr. Jacob Frank said that the swelling referred to i
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a young person is affected with insomnia at a period of exces
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Cultures on Loffler s blood serum are frequently char
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cians. As indicated in not a few cases operations have
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fully carried out that tubercle bacilli are but faintly
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tology such as those arising in connection with abortion
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as being normal in the sternal and parasternal line but in the
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ance. The instrument here illustrated was made for me by the
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The streets are paved with the best material the muni
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substances act as poisons producing grave pathologic
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been thrown open to Members bnt it is distinctly the reverse of
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mentation in the District except that conducted under severe
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tongue disturbed appetite and more or less constipa
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gauze and cotton to the outside which I held in place
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generation in the kidney as well as the persistence of
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dislocation in which fracture is so frequently a con

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