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ever, use kindness. The habit is most often formed by over-


thou wouldst work a poultice ; lay to the wounds. It

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we are projects of the same stock, that we are inheritors of com-

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spleen, or any change which might be attributed to the X-rays.

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the veins of Galen, causing distension of the ventricles of the

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The exact intraspinal course of the various forms of sen-

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and forward into the pharynx, and, when an attempt at

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tioner based upon an understanding of electrophysiologic

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[Willard S.J Wadelton. HD: Wilson files, "Experience

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and capable in itself of generating it, as it would appear, is not yet

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uterus, and that the effect of the drug is not* always to

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"The Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus," Dr. Geo. W. McCaskey,

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because they have been reported with one or both components or closely related drugs

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poorly performed; and if the patient is not relieved,

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failure, I think, may be explained by an attack of sickness some time

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of arresting fermentation. This array of facts woulel

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in the spaces between (not directly under) the clamps.

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cytoblasts imperfectly developed, with and without nucleoli, between

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the drains were outside the building, and well con- | about seven hundred, have escaped entirely, "although

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away with the products of the old inflammatory process

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and without any assignable cause, but, upon inquiry, we find that by far the

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tumor composed of cells identical with plasma cells at one end of

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The tieatnient of enteiic, fevei-. Bristol M.-Chir. J., 1898,

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for the good of others, and that, thus regarded and interpreted,


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