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case of marked deviation of the septum may be divided
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organ while at the same time the tension of the blood
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with plague inside the city limits the invitation of Dr. Kin
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nerve cells and causing almost complete degeneration of
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fractory disease should have specific treatment. He also men
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ration and with the syringe attached one can wash out re
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Here the lesions are either pustular from the begin
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It will be noted that tlie ganglia of the first two cases
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lasting basis than it is at present in Ontario. Another reason
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coccus dermatitis contagious autoinoculable the microbe
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a peculiar stammer. The more attention was directed to the
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In witness whereof we have caused these our Letters to be made
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six inches in a case following a railroad injury in which the
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ficiency certificates at one of the following training schools
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inquiry. So the unnecessary statements made by the physician
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ment after these injections was so unfailing and so prompt that
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nitrate 1 2 per 1000. Otherwise the treatment of these cases
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danger he thinks it the best thing to do in all cases.
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have been a good sized vessel rupturing with such force as to
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with cold water and drojiping one drop of a two per cent solution
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eases of paralysis of the facial nerve. The thought also
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dent that at that time he observed the hernia and it
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tendants and nurses who have lived and labored there
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the schools be temporarily closed during such emergency re
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before recited Charters or Letters Patent or either of them respectively
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rarely indicated at first. In tic which has lasted three
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which these muscles have. When stripped he presents no
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qualified person has free access to the laboratories where such
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pectorant qualities. The temperature must be taken at least
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malady stopped or was brought under control without
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by saline were started and kept up daily. Strychnia
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This soon had many imitations and paved the way for the
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lessons on this subject in which the therapeutics of the dyspepsias
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Theory after theory continues to be advanced for the
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ing picture illustrates the actual size and shape of the urie
gland showed large numbers of a small short bacillus
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factory view of the base of the skull obtained. As soon
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and had recurrence in three months. The intracranial
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as they do medical journals and books for statements which
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of page 755 of The Journal of March 24 the referenci
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the mortality during the season has been very high. Dr. Osier
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milch cows are infected and the bacilli may rest in the
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enough. I feel sure that I am not the only physician doing
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point. Schugard demonstrated their presence in chan
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some jerking in the pectoral muscle none in the head muscles
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almost any generally accepted truth in medicine as they could
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Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery L. Duncan Bulkley New
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calomel etc. as indicated. As an illustration of the signifi
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suggests that possibly this mercurial neuritis may occur
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the nature and extent of the Examination in Elementary Anatomy and Physiology.
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