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ratinjg influence on the nervous centres, and therefore
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edges in the neighborhood of the heart be fixed by pleuritic adhesions.
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fright, religious depression, the sense of being unequal to responsibilities
Mr. M. indulges in a well-merited tirade against those who
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tion between different kinds of oleomargarine, but stated
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The Spanish colonists gave the name of Siguatera to that union of symptoms
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He had split the thyroid cartilage for the removal of papillomata in a child
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States is one in every 1200. When from thirty to fifty
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latter has been found to be insoluble except in alkalis, which shows
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of reading or laboratory work. As a work of reference for
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insatiable appetite for food, and an alimentary canal;
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ability does not exceed 450. Out of 25,000 cases admitted to tlie London
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the vessels which he considers specific for subacute
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1862-5, n. s., ii, 141. — Stallaril (J. P.) Intra-capsular
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bese circumstances, electricity may do harm. In cases of para-
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pulsation to the epigastrium. It is then, of course,
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value it has, if any ; if none, we shall be more successful
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much parts of the disease as are the structural changes in the
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poi)ular remedy, for which there appears to be some justification, is
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large proportion of cases there is absolutely no trace of any such
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announces his conviction that the empyema is such in almost
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serosa? of cardiac or renal origin, cirrhosis of the
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eulogy, thought that was quite sufficient in justification in knocking down
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coma, or he recovers consciousness at ouce, and feels
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after labour. The patient was very prostrate from liiomor-
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Mr. C. Handfield Jones very justly remarks, that it is possible that the existence of
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awakened attention to this subject. And yet, according to
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Stoll (Maximilianua). Eatiouis medendi [etc.]. 8°. Vi-
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separately from a pail or feeding bottle retained for its own ex-
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like condition ; acid, poisonous plants ; bad water ; sequel of
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high fever, lasting for about a week ; and then apparent convalescence,
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more of the serous surfaces (pleurisy, pericarditis, endocarditis, meningitis,
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1889, xcviii. p. 585. — 159. Drkves. Inaug. Diss. Gottingen, 1891. — 160. Duglison's
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ligament, was a small collection of less than a drachm of pus, but
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of lichen pilaris, and a verj' few similar papules on the
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Relieved from duty in Department of the Gulf, and or-
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procedure of the Metropolis scheme (cooling curve) is by adding a positive,


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