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3d. These observations negative the general belief, that insolu-
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Niagara, where the water runs down hill with nothing on earth to
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redness and swelling of the mucosa. It was therefore
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amination he found the foetus presenting with the right hand, leg
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inactive spectator of such acute sufferings, I proposed the local ap-
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tempted to reduce, without opening the sac, but could not succeed
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and outer portion of the left thigh. The immediate consequen-
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are objectionable, because of their action upon the stomach and
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moved by one or more decided vesications to the loins.
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over four hundred, some less than one-fourth of this number only at-
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I frankly admit that I had not suspected the existence of
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physicians, &., and especially the treatment ascribed to such, to be a base and
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the leucorrhceal discharge was of more than an ordinary quantity usually
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nutrition of particular parts of the nervous centre (e. g.
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fulous disease with marked success. In addition to its antis-
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them, or an electric spark be made to pass through them,
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green discharge, hemorrhagic purpuric eruptions were frequently
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7. "Relations and Treatment of Coryza and Hay Fever" — S. S. Bishop,
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heart, into the pulmonary capillaries ; and, in the air-tubes of
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Let us now advert, briefly, to records, showing the relative fre-
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New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal should have given place to such
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I am at a loss to explain such serene indifference to naked
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