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completely cured three out of five patients in six days.
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The Culicidcc as has been indicated in the previous
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Sir In the reported proceeding of the Me lt lical So
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privies that were entirely uncontaminated by cholera
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giving repeated doses of the fluid extract and also of the
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of abortion is beginning to attract the attention of those
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opaque and only the external half of the retina vnth
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prognosis that we felt compelled to give. It should be
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to partake immediately after which he left the room. A
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not believe it occurs or ought to occur nor do I beUeve
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readily done with a micrometer eye piece ruled in squares
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having occurred during the voyage from the same dis
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region. There is a tendency for the muscles of organic
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inous or bony tumor Of course if it is too soft to be
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tation in early professional life he became identified
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closely simulating ring forms. These may be motionless
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lateral lobes and of the middle lobe at other times it
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but the less the patient is disturbed the better so I
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my statement in the very communication to your jour
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longer an epidemic The total number of deaths up to
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alone but the tissues should not be left in this solution
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in color like the lees of wine infiltrated with black
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of the salivary duct. Down this minute tube the saliva
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the patient will suffer more pain than he would have
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are fitted for biting crushing or grasping food. The
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discovered higher up the edge of a thin septum he con
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I did this in accordance with the best knowledge we
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tntioDB and as regularly had they l n refused. That
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the higher and normal organic forms to pathological
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part of its dilating portion. The dilator was then passed
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of physical and intellectual manhood than among the
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colour is seen in the foam. If the colour does not appear
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with calmneBS and deliberation all the arguments pro
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thoracic lobes have dense tufts of large black scales
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discovery of ansasthesia based upon the facts which the
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out two of their number to aid their worn out brethren.
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the mortality among that class must have been great
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jections on the upper or lower surface of a corpuscle are
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obstruction to its flow while the patient was in the re


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