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when the resolution appended to the above report came

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front or behind this anus anal furrow. At the sides the

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that it is distributed throughout India Burma and Assam.

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The following remarkable case wss admitted into Dar

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view the difference between patients in the country

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in New York city and assigned to duty as the Medical

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of one yard and thirty centimetres at the entrance and

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every practical surgeon and now weme the present fa

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the edges of the arms or blades as seen in the first

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Gram staining organisms. Then wash off the aniline oil

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knows at once if the instrument is acting or not. The

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can affect that of the encephalon. In virtue of that

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it should be no larger than absolutely necessary for

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A secondamportant ground of decision is to be found

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ab the sSanceSj various topics were incidental devel

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tions of tannin have been employed for this purpose

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self a name by his studies in syphilography. The bright

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Worms and intestinal parasites die as a rule within

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I ain neverthele far from maintaining that anything

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a gentleman suffering from dyspepsia and neuralgia. He

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rhinitis and electricity. With electricity we have not had

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Splanchnosoopt. If one holds an egg before a bright

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give issue to a collection of purulent matter resulting

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Some species of mosquitoes are more easily found as

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chanical irritation I sought to avoid it by securing the

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ed. It is noteworthy that the spissitude of the blood

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varies in colour and in the distribution of colour so

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