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relief of bowels and the administration of salicylate of soda

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paresis of the left rectus externus was also observed.

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single branch. With a firmly locking pair of hemostatic

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cable to some diseases many more do not fulfill all the

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tances from the muzzle. They claim to see that in this special

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formed as follows Bassini s for radical cure of hernia 31

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others. A fresh solution of this stain will impart its

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crystalline substance called Colombine. He quotes Kohlcr as ex

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icine conferred by the German universities during the

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train service as to their condition as to acuteness of sight

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the mental health. Thus it will be seen that 113 of the 171

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articular extremities remain uninvolved. Generally in

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per rectum in doses of 30 grains dissolved in two ounces

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torials containing covert advertisements of this and that

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The statistics that Hirschfeld has to present seem insufficient

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suppurative and simple. The latter is more common in females

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and itinerant medico and this war will be waged for the ex

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tion was received from William J. Buchanan Director General

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tective action in the serum. The method of inoculation

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uneasiness in the region of the gall bladder congestion of the

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who has been engaged in the study or the study and practice of

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operated on. Of these 14 have recovered. 14 are improved

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foot some time before. As they recovered they found they could

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