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found in the chest and instead of plenro pnenmonia

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white slides deteriorate in the Tropics more rapidly than

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by patients taking methylene blue are easily recognised.

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has invented an instrument for extracting bullets in

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of these colleges to exact the legal requirement of three

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Extra sterilisations must be avoided where possible on

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are most readily found in a fresh fluid blood film as

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resolutions to the respective families of the deceased.

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side by side in a common sheath they slide upon each

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monitory diarrhoea should be considered properly a stage

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temperature was lower than is recorded of any other

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to make out a distinct connection between cause and

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Chloroform having been administered an incision was

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that no discourse should be prononnced at nis funeraL

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li mentum patellsB or patella itself in the natural con

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and almost ludicrous ideas in regard to its use that I

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more than an inch in thickness and that beneath the

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the vagina and about one inch from the seat of power

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ration. He did not believe that it was sound surgery

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nexion with the subsequent appearance of the missile.

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apart in the Vienna Hospital for Electro Therapeutical

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commenced its course with an interesting address by

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piece of furniture where you would least expect it to feel

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three eighths of an inch in width and thickness while

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having been sorely visited. A planter at the latter

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smarting sensation is produced and then graaually to

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Canada the quarantine and marine laws will necessarily

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silitis can sometimes be rigidly subdued by the appli

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noticeable feature in this case is that a stone of such

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ficially the pressure on the surrounding parts excites

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sonoe time. The external organs were in a state of re

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