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There were one or two doubtful little granulations on
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speak of brain surgery in general as discouraging the opera
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this case at least the process was not primarily vascular.
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McClintock performed an operation and found peritonitis
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general health. He attends school regularly and is ap
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the most elusive. With some indeed with many this height
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taken up in excess from food and carried to the joints.
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the inoculation of animals and a tentative probable diagnosis
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India Office. Annual Sanitary Report of Assam 1886.
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operation there being no contraindication glasses were ad
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by a loHg median incision the large omentum was found very
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with the exception of the point described in the colon.
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larynx and lobular pneumonia both of which seem to be thor
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point it is therefore desirable to free the stomach from these
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which has long been observed. Banks describes chronic inter
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not great and the outlook for the child is better since the
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meningitis at 13 places. Reports from all sources show con
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spread epidemic proof to the contrary for it has been the
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are present probably in nearly all or aU cells yet the
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Allegheny Berks Blair Center Chester Clearfield Clinton
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of 10 attends to the household duties while the mother
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Hon. James Wilson printed as Senate Document No. 112
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once daily then twice then three times daily and finaUy
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the seventh day 24 ounces at 74 F. the eighth day 16
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General Hospital Winnipeg. Five cases have so far developed
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So nearly similar terms are bestowed often on widely dif
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The examinations are chiefly in writing and begin with a short
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the state will provide a support for employees thus de
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outside of each alveolar process. The approximation is
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urine for tubercle bacilli. He calls attention to the special
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statement in the preface that it presupposes the absence of
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fumigation of a residence by the city health officers. He
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be admitted even by skeptics on the subject of reflex
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ity of allowing affairs to continue as they at present exist. It
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tures from the pelves of the kidneys had developed a yeast
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himself to touch his instruments or ligatures. The most seri
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fatty food substances is also an important one. The
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duration perhaps not lasting more than a few days pre
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foreign medical men so well treated as at Pasteur s Institute
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to find the walls and floor swarming with roaches. In the
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rected metabolism is familiar to all and favorable clin
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disorders of the brain and cord as meningitis and myel
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ture reached 100.2 returning to normal to remain so
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living. The tremor has developed a suggestion in his mind
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of small round cell infiltration and these areas also con
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alcohol is the most powerful local vasodilator. The
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The urine became free from albumin and casts and the
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the sources of their knowledge it is on the whole surprising
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Ricard records one instance illustrative of the influ
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necessary is taken from the blood and hence that fluid loses its
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or metal we can by tinting with aniline or iodine distinguish
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same i. e. hyperemia followed by the exudation of round cells
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and vesiculo pustular syphilide on the face in infancy
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which dying declarations are made with a view to testimony
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him at the date first referred to. It says that whatever the
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The Official Program. In order to avoid misunderstand
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and drag on the branches of the prevertebral ganglia
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entrance of the pancreatic duct. The incision need not go very
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To the Editor. Please advise me as to the laws governing med

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