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Into the Life of a Nation Must First Be Introduced Into
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and to jump from them to servants and first year stu
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Since writing this report the sister of whom I spoke
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the febrile exacerbations the appetite fails the tongue
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miles from the city and no communication has been allowed
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purporting to be the Seal of the said late dissolved Corporation authoriz
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The Civic Hospital is full of these patients. The health de
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atje to do any work. About three months before admis
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vibrations affecting the system in various morbid con
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the patient as well as infection of others. Nor should
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board on the payment of the fee. The secretary to whom appli
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is appointed to an associateship in the department of diseases
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poisoned by distilled water it is a very remarkable idio
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would diminish the frequency of baldness. As regards cutting
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tonsils are evidence of the protective conflict in retaining the
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relief. 1 interjMsed a piece of sterile rubber tissue also
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squarely for the amalgamation of the two schools. Their cue
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and retention of nitrogenized substances and phosphates is not
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condition was for a time quite marked. The wife her
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The mayor of Logansport issued a proclamation. May 4
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kinds as well as for tuberculosis. So ureterectomy is
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object to be obtained. One with but one opening at the
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hand in chronic diseases when tissue metamorphosis is
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the presence of optic neuritis are very wide of the mark. He
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surgeons who had followed him. His operation super
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followed which I attributed to the antitoxic qualities
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tion of the exposed great wing of the sphenoid and with
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as that already narrated. Hyoscin morphin and strych
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does not always succeed in depositing his sputum ex
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justice is therefore apparent of the demand on Congress by
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of prompt operation is one of life or death the patient has
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them that bad results have obtained. It is bad surgery
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to assist and reinforce the sound muscles to compensate the
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Identification of substances included in the foUowin lists
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multiple openings made for general peritonitis as to whether
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prepuce and vulva of healthy individuals a bacillus could
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a resolution raising the time necessary for attendance for the
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We had occasion to notice Vol. 4 p. 208 1879 the volume on
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Harrison W. Stuckey acting asst. surgeon now en route with
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vals of several days or weeks until the houses and the
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decision. Florence assumed that the seminal fluid may
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was apparently no cause for the attack. As he was going home
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the Court of Civil Appeals of Texas holds in the Gulf Colo
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early prolonged systematic treatment of syphilis with no
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est in showing the trend of surgical opinion on this
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ity of primary defect in the structure of the kidney is
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needed. It may be deepening into coma which ends in death.
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nerve in the dog was cut but that no distinct changes in
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horse. The bones were extensively comminuted. Not having a
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It appears to be the main object in life for men to
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concerning the methods and results of experiments which re

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