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of methylene-blue. The sacs must be swallowed carefully in order to prevent their
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same agent in cases of tracheotomy, is, and always will
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upon " The Diseases of the Ovaries," the surgery of the
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cases of chronic parenchymatous nephritis the phthalein output is not
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The capillary and areolar circulation are the most important to
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it indicates that the resbting powers of the organism are at a very low ebb.
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in every case to work and responsibility undertaken and increased
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Royal Society of Medicine.. Vol. ix. No. 1. November 191.''.
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writer, show an average of a fraction over nineteen years
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in somewhat larger amounts. This evident slow deterioration of such anti-
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labour, strong emotions, great mental exertions, have always
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Fairy Tales." The most essential, however, is to speak
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skull, Sachs believes it the surgeon's duty in every
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at all justifiable. For it is very well known that cocaine
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ear and face at twenty, and gradually extended until they became plenti-
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theoretical; while once it was believed that the former
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the development of chronic nonsuppurative middle-ear
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obscurity and doubt which envelope many of the questions
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be distinguished only by a very practised eye ; but as it be-
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cases have been mistaken for colic — renal, hepatic,
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freely movable. All eiforts to restore it to its place were un-
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ture is frequently below zero. In spite of the hard work, I can
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As regards vasectomy as a curative measure he offers the fol-
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of Chicago, exhibited a portable galvanic battery, upon the relia-
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the latter was dark red in color, and presented a dotted appearance, as if numerous small
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though, with the astounding progress made in not only
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peritoneal variety were seldom accomjjanied by hiomorrhafjo ;
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turbances and some vaso-motor irregularity just as we see worry
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suppuration that' is going on in the substance of the kidney. This suppur-
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The mode of action of the artificial membrana tympani was long
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The following case which occurred some time ago, and
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(k'sii'o for food. Tho s|)1('(mi iiii(1(M"<^m)i's involnlion. 'I'lie tympanites suh-
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in all case, of morbidly increased irritability or excitement of
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We recommend that the law stand as it now is but that this be added:
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tween the rich and the poor, the case assumes quite a
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2. Symmetrical Lateral Sclerosis— Spasmodic Tabes Dorsalis.
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just been settled. The portion falling to each of his five heirs
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many respects similar to the last of his cases, I beg
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a curative influence, a remedy called by Trousseau the syrup of lime.
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well as by its marked division into the three climatic zones, the


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