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to a focal lesion in the cerebral cortex or in the cortical

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An Act Amending and Keenacting Cnapter 150 of the Code of

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is apathetic and indifferent to surroundings and conditions.

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continuance or recurrence of painful stimuli of the cen

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Several cases of malignant diphtheria having been found

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Ruck points out the possibility of latency of phthisis and in

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vital centers in the medulla. Rhythmic traction of the tongue

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Dispensary and Hospital each 5000 Maternity Hospital

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to temporary recurrence of insanity after operation on these.

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their practice. He thinks that asepsis should be absolute but

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chronic wasting disease like carcinoma with intoxica

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three quarters of the uterus having been removed the remain

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nea returning in a few hours and reinserted six hours

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cedure or may be cured by careful dressings and rest. Peri

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strator of Anatomy and Instructor in Surgery College of Physi

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disease characterized bv Exaggerated reflexes may present

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rectum and a pad electrode placed over the abdomen

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and was the site of considerable pain which radiated

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cancer of the rectum colostomy is not to be advised. 2. When

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the characteristic persistence of anorexia and failure of excre

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tions and will receive their diplomas at the approaching com

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rather than backward as there is less danger of the tongue

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specimens of blood whether taken from the same or difl erent

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