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barst will spend some lime in study in Berlin and other
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seemed to him very difficult to prove that a primarv
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attention at the clinics or avail themselves of the
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cotton-wadding ; no hot bottles ; anaesthetic, ether. One-half hour after
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of stains^ But we shall deal only with his attempts
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the leg in his third year ; one brother had 4 fractures from the age of
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ture for a sufficient length of time to kill all of the
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by .iddre^^sing Dr. William C. Woodward, of Washington,
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recovery and wai discharged Mriy ^j. t8 days after the
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ment instituted brought marvellous results. The patient
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The will of Mrs. iMargaret E. Gray, who died two weeks
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half of the cases ; in the other there is a slight pericorneal injection. The
cruiting Station, New York, N. Y., and ordered to the
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interstitially by means of single or multiple points, or by electro-caustic bars
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frequently of abnormal feeding in early childhood. Objections may be
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tube distended into sac containing blood clots and shaggy
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as a rule be performed by the highly trained special-
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of the neck is very often, perhaps always, associated
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blowing murmur, coincident Avith the ventricular systole ; at the second
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prising part of the lowest portion of the ileum, the
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by merely adding to their number. As a single defective tube would destroy
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treatment accordingly consists in the administi-ation of creosote and
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Louis J. Hirschman, of Detroit, and Dr. Lewis H, Adler,
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ceedingly detrimental, and hidden away in these out
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valuable studies of physicians and medical schools in
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cessful one. The conference proper — that is to say,
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ent gauze. This can be withdrawn on the fourth or fifth day. Should
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lent muscular contraction, but there must probably have existed fragility
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upon this form of capricious appetite, however, hut to point out the fact
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Dr. Davis's book is the work of a born teacher. In the thorough-
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F., pulse, 74. Microscopically by means of smears Vin-


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