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by continuing the process greater dilutions would be

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ing of its being mentioned in any treatise on surgery we

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iiitroduced the foetus caught in the groin it being a

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ing and at the age of sixteen his only ambition was to

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for the first only the son and husband of the original

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constant association of the organisms identified by their

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towns and schools of continental Europe many of the

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servers of too limited experience are most obstinate

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oval shape but each one bad the sphericity broken by

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a blunt end about No. 7 catheter size. He called the

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intestine which is arranged as in the adult. In the space

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The effect upon him of the solitude and total absence of

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ing of blood discontinued we closed it by silver sutures

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prove too short to avoid these inconveniences a second

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scribed bulgings its normal shape is unaltered there

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liams the judicious recognition of the sway of Nature

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very mady of the German electricians use the galvanic

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an old arterial ligature was found lying about it. This

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cent and the mortality about four per cent. while in

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transverse laceration rather more than an inch in length

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of the diseases of ihe uterus. If the question were be

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tablished. For four davs he had considerable fever and

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its area. It is preposterous for any one t j suppose how

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Inspection In the early part of their development an

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his pulse feeble breathing labored and strength greatly

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instructor a true and sympathizing friend therefore

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was tapped twice more each successive time the fluid

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and ihe abstraction of blood from the general circula

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ftlTered mica for covering curved surfaces the flexibi

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abduction screw at the joint between the hip band and

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the brain occupying the whole inferior surface of the

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and interesting as those abroad. Private instruction in

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deep red. These two chromatin masses are unequal in

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an ajppropriate receptacle so as to protect the clothing


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