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her other hand cards with names of individuals who were likely
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jected the published statistics to a critical analysis as an
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ical Congress. The Congress should have been held in Caracas
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three of whom one sister and these two brothers had
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tended several clinics here where I came in contact with these
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how such a statement could go unchallenged. Dr. Thomson
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a grand military outfit for the occasion responded at con
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following this in the parliamentary reports deals with the
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March 20 15 cases Butterfield. March 20. 1 case Freeborn Coun
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in the administration of the chloroform.is much safer
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center like a funnel with its apex pointing inward and its
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only lacking but as noticed above the circumference
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in position of the inflammation and not in its character. 3.
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with the fist 36 were in the left ear onlj two in the
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that personal communication may be had at all hours
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vention of the normal first stage by the presence of inelastic
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and thickened pus. The ureter was of about one inch
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a diagnosis of brain tumor was made the tumor located in
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long enough they eventually develop sensory disturbance in
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peritonitis as does also pain or difficulty in micturition. It
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in the fetus and makes no distinction between male and female
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thoss made by the old slow going projectile. Shell wounds
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sary. The diet is generally wlioU liquid while the fever lasts
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of admission to the Fellowship otherwise than by Examination shall transmit or
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A similar condition was found on the left side. There was no
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present methods of research. But this abnormity in the
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of age four teaspoonfuls. Each teaspoonful contains half a
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as prominent in the etiology of atrophic rhinitis viz. 1
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and burns on the one hand and pemphigoid syphilis on
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gives the desired contrast in a photograph negative. This method
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which consists of rapidly alternating applications of heat
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is dibasic that it contains two atoms of hydrogen which
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authorities with some important discoveries in anatomy and
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treated in that institution during the year. It is recommendeil
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chlorotics phthisics and convalescents from severe febrile dis
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can produce the same results by injection of blastomyces ob
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the source of pain is beyond the ganglion. Of the util
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tressing pruritus of the thigh and mentions the case of an old
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