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period of time, should be applied to the entire chest
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passing out through the bladder. April Ist cystoscopy was repeated,
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Pennsylvania Dutch, he could speak that curious English-German, But
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Spratt, R. D., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Granted five
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tion of the patient is a grave one. There is another
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tend to bring the medical profession into disrei)utc
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many years he was almost always at the annual meetings of the Ameri-
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This will be open to New York State male residents only.
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8. Typhoid Bacilli Carriers and Their Relation to Public
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which the patient has perhaps been scarcely conscious of being ill, it
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erable size, moving freely at the end of a long mesentery,
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Relation of habit-chorea to Sydenham' s chorea. In 9 cases attacks of
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Dock, George, and Bass, Charles C. — Hookworm Disease,
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thesia ; if this does not succeed, puncture may be resorted to, with subsequent
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acteristic lesions of the nose, throat, or ear. While
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proliferation. The main question at issue is. How far one is willing to
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may be given. If there is very acid vomiting, severe pain, or stenosis, lavage
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bodily symptoms, he is rearing assiduously a little
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bacillus of cholera from Finkler's, which is present in the diarrhoeas often
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cases in which the process is acute and the surface weeping, the employ-
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afirsi attack, if accompanied by high fever, need not necessarily cause
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soft, and there was a soft, boggy mass to the left of the
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disease in the State of ^Massachusetts in 1909. The
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June 15th the right kidney was exposed and freely incised. From
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The volume is well printed. It can be recommended as a useful
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in a thousand of population, as compared with a rate of
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being conducted in but three laboratories in the United States, namely :
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and on August 15th the transfer of inmates from the
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distal arm and clo.sed it like a trap, the adhesion of
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Flad not got strength enough to work. Bowels were con-
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m the epigastrium and a feeling of burning in both sides.
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children under five years of age numbered 166, of whom
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scales soluble in eight parts of water. It does not
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keen of intellect and full of bodily vigor to-day as
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would be impossible for the militia regiments to se-
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taneous cure is the rule in ectopic gestation. In Chapter III. the
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spread to the fingers. There were aching, darting pain up the forearm, and
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the stem. On account of the obstruction and the patient's cachexia no
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inferior recti. I further stated in this paper that
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methods of measuring temperature. He urges that the thermometer be
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