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Keeping within the province of the subject sketched
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beyond that it is not necessary that we should go. If
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the chest with slight difficulty of breathing extending
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percussion is dull on the left side it is flat the reson
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all requisite sterilisation for ordinary work can be done
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up his opinion from what he had seen. One had had a
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parts extravasations may occur especially in the exter
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M. Barbosa lays great stress upon the good hygienic
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Cimcx rotundatus. This species was originally described
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diagnosing malaria from a single body believed to be a
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tions then existing in that hospital or in the small
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It needs then no demonstration to show that the cura
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clusion that natural phthisis is also the result of local
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fascia not being invaded by the knife deep infiltration
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pills where the commencement of malignant disease is
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lates to the necessity of a correct diagnosis to begin


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