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jaundice following the administration of piooled plasma

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strained to the use of the cheaper by-product feeds in the place of

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Since the fuel values show how much of the total energy of the

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The directorate may as security mortgage the property of the society If this Is

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sterile gowns were worn by the operator and his assistant. The table

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fibrous, connective tissue growth, which could only be separated by the applica-

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Peden: “In compliance with the duties of the Com-

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Regulation's, — When the pens for sheep and goats on under deck are built for two

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malignancy in the gamut of cancers in so far as life

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The salt pork is piled on the fioor, without racks, except In the case of salt pork which,

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lative suffering of many dogs through continuous proper muzzling

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<if the calcium salt of this substance could be separated from the urine.

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grees. If this angle is greater we have what is known as a straight

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of the frequency with which rabies occurs and to a great extent on a

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Fig. 4. — Blue zone separating coagulated tissue above

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Die abschwftchung der s&ugetiertuberkulosebacillen im kaltbltiterorga-

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of peripheral circulatory failure, digitalis is of no

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satisfactory results, and the possibility of applying the same mode of

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baccilli were present in these tubercles in great numbers and were

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.'iiid which is also necessary for kec|iiiijr the joints in the proper doiirce

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four Departments having made any efforts in this direction, and where

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tortus) of Sheep and Other Ruminants. (Preliminary Report.) By B. H.

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in their mode of growth, and in their morphology, as a result of de-

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Fio. 10. — Sanitary stall construction with Iron-pipe fittings and chain-hanging stanchions.

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J. W. Thompson, M.D., St. Louis; Otto W. Koch, M.D.,

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ments of this size the growth is maximal, excepting in cases where thin

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of safety, and the cattle were placed thereon in April and have since

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y. Studies on Parathyroid Tetany. D. Wright Wilson, Thorn-

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The cases of Weber and Wagner are frequently cited and these, with

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Insanitary. Sheep coolers In this house were in very good condition.

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Some fat hogs, too, found a market in middle England. Farmers

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prescribed. Three weeks later all verrucae had dis-

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were booming, with rapid, ftUnter, auricular sounds in betwe^L A systolic

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R. E. Davis and A. E. Brown will appreciate an opFK>rtunity to discuss the merit

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li\ liiTllii'i'iiiia that i-aiisi's tin- si'iiiius ilaiiiau:i' to tin' Imtly in intii't inii-

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arc liy im> iin'aiis .{.■|>.'iiil.'iil iMi llif .-niiriiil rat i'Mi <,\ .■|.iii.>|iliriiic in tin'

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sharp pain or soreness, but frequent eructations. In June, 1907, the dis-

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