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cough influenza and cholera each of which is caused

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solution is one hundredth of the same weight dissolved

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thigh and the lower half of the right thigh swollen

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on the first segment a prominence with bristly hooks

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It is proposed to build a new Infants Hospital on Ban

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ing of blood discontinued we closed it by silver sutures

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years and all under the age of one year when Rilliet

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the red blood corpuscle by means of its flagellum and

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dragging upon the cord the cord was rather slender

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gious. Every specific zymotic epidemic is necessarily

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A camera lucida or drawing camera is a great conve

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tions gave a temperature of 98 J degrees while the aver

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1. is altace the generic or trade name

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pain which finally seemed to be relieved by subcuta

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scrofulous habit and had been afflicted fot a number of

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ciency of the Statistieai Department of the Medical

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motive than what results from a feeling that it is one

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Seely of Cincinnati members of the Society were ap

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of enucleation which was done without the slightest

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cardiac muscles is more serious as cardiac failure either

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while on the streets he felt a queer sensation at the end

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been at issue was whether a Fellow of the Obstetrioal

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neau and M. Joulin accord very well with the estab

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gards tubercle as resulting in a considerable number of

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which the larynx undergoes from the period of infancy

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tending the lectures on such branches as belong to his

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monia is preferable. Sometimes suppositories may be

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treat before the advancing foe and twenty one feet gt

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to believe in spite of this change that our students

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wged that the resolution opposed the liberal spirit of

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monia. Finally Lebert has experimented with mineral

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thin slice fi om the surface of each. Only a little bleed

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out inducing fatigue their usefulness thus becoming

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and believes that her suffering was greatly increased

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In searching tissues for filaria a dark surface such as

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accompany these articles. The power of electrization

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abundant as tnese peculiarities are pronounced more

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interstitial exudation but the remote result is the de


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