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and dairy products together constitute over 46 per cent of the average

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mittee in the Missouri State Medical Association, and

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countries not requiring this inspection is carefully examined by competent experts with

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were within normal limits. Chest roentgen ray revealed

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stances used in curing meats must be clean. At the time that cured meats are packed

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pork was 3,104, covering 68,689 stamped packages containing 26,566,-

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recommended that the Woman’s Auxiliary be urged to

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the exposed surface of the arytenoid cartilage on the right The true and

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way to get at the matter was to send a competent committee to

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by striking out the word “white” so that when amended

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the liver cells i-esultiiii: from vasocoiistric-tion. From Iheir anatoniie

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ask about the routine use of nitrites with reference

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blood and anatomy of the normal fowl and of the spontaneous case of

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of osteomalacia on old, worn-out soil, or land deficient in lime salts,

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that "not any single animal used for food in any part of .the world

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condemned at abattoirs, responsibility for losses 222

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Intractable exfoliative lip dermatoses may often be traced to eosin

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surface into the lung tissue. Areas of hemorrhage surround these pro-

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natural attachments. Such carcasses, if offered for admission into an establishment

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being”. ..the plus in ^'Premarin" therapy which enables

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goats imported from Switzerland, under an agreement whereby the

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iimlfr tlif ti«iiuiic \'i<v II iiiimitf or tiion", it is innrtii'iilly tin' miiik- ii'* 'lie

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geneous gelatinous appearance (Fig. 1). The gastro-jejunal fistula is held

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the symptoms of hay fever, pollen asthma, acute and chronic urticaria,

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special experts examine the salt, the spices, the pickling fluids, the

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The patient had a brassy cough whi(^ was aggravated in the decubitus

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bovine bacillus in morphology. The environment of Cat III suggests infection

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food products in all the stages and processes of preparation, curing,

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only reliable evidence on which vital statistics may be based; it is a

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raised animals, but it is necessary first to have a. supply of good,

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boundary line of North Carolina to the northeast comer of Rabilin County, Georgia, is

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marked or stamped " U. S. Inspected and Passed " and which upon inspection is found to


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