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clearing and mounting small insects. Glycerine is a good

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timized traveller towards his guide. If any individual

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pletely removed or greatly relieved it. It may be as

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harmonizing all their attributes in the rich tints of his

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second and sometimes even in the third stage of that

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flecking with black about the internodes later fat drop

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soon after the infected ship arrived. In the same man

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bottle within extreme reach of the finger. Dr. Marion

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cases in proof of his assertion but engages to show how

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A Practical Tbeatisk on Diseases op CHnj RiN. Bj D.

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eng ed in work at his trade that of a carpenter and

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powerful agency of official instruction and inspection

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Mr. Besnier to the Academy of Medicine on the medi

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the fundus uteri and the placentae were cast off that

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the investigation and treatment of disease but unneces


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