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accumulate in the blood in all those diseases in the course of which typhoid
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a soothing sensation to the inflamed membrane, due to its anesthetic or
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October 27th. Labour lasted three days, chiefly through prolongation of the first
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servative to state that 75 per cent of those in the first three groups
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minating crime of a life of hardened villany. But to give due
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feem not to have been precifely ufed ; yet they made fome dillinc-
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often find on microscopical examination that the same
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••cireular" vote. So, Bince September 1, I have 1 n acting as Treasurer
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B Hydrocynate of Iron (Tilden) 60 grains, Extract of
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becomes an imperious necessity, continuing with many to the
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interests and safety as are in evidence in the Punjab^ East
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swelling had formed adhesions to the pyloric end of the stomach,
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tal at once. This is an unusual experience, as ordinarily
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hours the temperature rose from 97° F. to 106° F. ; the attacks succeeded one another
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literature of war surgery is filled with accounts of
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tralizing pure nitric acid, diluted with 3 parts of water, with
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etfective. the lusty yells of this girl at each bath were
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of chancre and herpes : 1st, the condition of the glands ; 2d, induration ; 3d,
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Society a few scattered hints and observations. Dr.
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ures necessary to life, or without inflicting upon the
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the middle meningeal artery. At the outset the eyes twitch toward the
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There is a circumstance in some degree analogous to this subsequent
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or local trade health associations of the locality in
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one line of writing only will be placed in each interlinear space. No
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cusses the question: Is there a rubeola without exanthem? In cases of


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