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and fever. But in a great many of the cases the attack
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Lower Bay has not reached that state of forwardness
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The only points of importance in M. Despres remarks
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on their walb and buried for centuries in oblivion
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by the organizers of this universal medical convention.
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perfectly restored when the patient left this institution.
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and yet go away perfectly well and remain so without
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to raLse his head from the pillow until his blood has
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and the severity of the symptoms were so speedily dimi
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adapted for the tabulation of hospital reports records of
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circumference 10 in transverse and 11 in longitudinal
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expense of publication. We need in this country more
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the caustic. This according to M. Bourgade is accom
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St Alban s is an interesting survey of the mutual rela
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taken and on one side of it the date and place of capture
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man than I had anticipated but probably not over 45
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Mid tibiae with bristles on the inner side abdomen
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tion belonged to the physician in fee simple. Since
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swelling in the neighboring parts was very considerable
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of washing 2 000 pieces per diem an elaborate mangling
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buch a disease is incurable. All that can be done is
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commonest flea found on rats in warmer climates and
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which were suspected to be tubercular in their charac
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an ingenious and skilful dentist. With a little effort
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chitis and pneumonia seem to have been the most fre
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hooks the eighth day retained them thirty one days.
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of cripples from fractures of this than from any other
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robust frame and habitual seff command is often barely
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tive and negative. Sometimes the agonizing efforts to
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of the patella dressed a few hours after injury the
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apart from the well known addition of practical demon
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that from our diagnosis. It is not a nerve tumor or a
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the value of evidence in separating what is essential
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into the foot and heel including thumb screw and short
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sandwich took no effect on the animal the patient would
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times the blood is sent in capillary tubes or the serum
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have been made to pass in virtue of the softness of the


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