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arrows at B indicate two doses of 0.5 gm. each of theophjdlin given intra-

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(d) If the secondary lactose broth fermentation tubes do

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better with it. Most pathogenetic organisms which in the laboratory

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have a psychosis, it may more easily take the form of chorea

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the Commonwealth which is unoccupied or may become vacant

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H. E. Spalding, M. D., presented an instructive and carefully

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ments) in feces have a central uterine stalk with 15 to 40 lateral

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head of a medical college laid himself open to imprisonment and

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physicians, and professors were at that period unskilled ; many

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that adheres below the cock. The bore of the cock is left

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in one or both feet, and there is often weakness of the extremities,

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occurrence during or after a surgical operation is illustrated by

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47. Parasite of malignant tertian (aestivo-autumnal) malaria

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that a lady of regular life and economical habits was subject to

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The diffusion of the organisms which are responsible for the primary infection

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and associated himself with Dr. A. B. Foster at 233 High Street.

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millimicrons and falls off rapidly with increase and de-

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stain. Thin pieces of cardboard the size of a slide label are placed

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bacilli possessing Vi antigen, as well as for strains of S. paratyphi

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the eczema owes its name to this feeling of burning, for it comes from the

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grew schisms, parties, sects, — not turbulent ; more emulative

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From a clinical and practical standpoint the pathogenic species

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these three organisms in the causation of the various symptoms of typhoid

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tained in the serum, but are due probably to substances in normal horse

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ond glass of water, and a little over 5 ml of blood is

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in hypertrophy of the heart, and, as the latter accompanies preg-

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210) except that, in place of the factor 4, the factor 6

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Dr. L. S. McMurtry has retired from the Louisville MedicalNews, and is succeeded

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them to cling together and to whatever they touch, like masses

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Those who hold the latter view claim with much force that,


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