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which I think could not have been answered till the works

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be produced by the gummata. For two years I showed repeatedly at my

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elements present that give us a clew to the condition of the kidneys.

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were becoming more and more serious and that something should

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for the doctor in operations to protect his eyes by glasses.

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artery was distributed leading to loss of power and sub

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This line of activities was suggestive of the field of

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higher ground of the medical welfare of the patients

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The great majority of the cases of retro pharyngeal abscess

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This accident usually occurs in cows that are overfed on

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Our Saxon forefathers were a very martial race every freeman being

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ry by an assiduous locomotion on the rail road of demonstration. The

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cancer of the gall bladder where the disease was limitcl

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covery of an anaesthetic in the ethyl series of compounds

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son in one of his valuable contributions to the subject of thrombosis

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divided when the surface of the cyst was reached. Be

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muscles while the support the shoulder derives from

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later in the day there was no manifestation of this.

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mouth. By continually shouting at him to breathe mechanical

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under notice deaths were referred to the principal zymotic

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very useful particularly where a splint is suddenly de

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gans. The bowels are the sewers of the body and should be freely

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and off the patient has worked under compressed air

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Besides this a further experience in the Philippines has shown that

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dual purposes of bringing direct health related benefit to the patient sub

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associated with a uterus unicornis and a unilateral vagina. In dealing


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