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estaUishment of a code of requirements which shall be
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This appliance was found to maintain exact coaptation
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all other obstacles. If the difficulties usually in the
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the result of the operation are developed eitror in the
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pression the author has not yet satbfactorily shown.
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the substance of the muscle it may not cause pain wbee
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patient was sufficiently under the influence of the an gt
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practitioners especially with my venerable friend Dr.
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He saw that there was a thickening of this periosteum
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great majonty 87 per cent of displacements are due to
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congestion in this case was in the chest and abdomen
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narrowed. The legs short thick femora broad and flat.
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tration. A ve sel arrived in the port of Aspinwall with
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apparatus for the treatment 01 fractures which is not
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Organs is quite suggestive. It is subdivided under the
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from the left and one from the right internal iliac.
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this topic forcibly illustrate how littie the public un
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faroaght on at any time by long continued exposure to
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be mistaken for an enlargement of the omentum which
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your own limited experience you will surely go wrong.
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in this branch of the subject were made but our space
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here. Middle lobe of prostate enlarged but gland itself
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This patient states that he has never had intermit
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somewhat painful or in the condition of healthy ulcers.
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oil to which a little iodine has been added and left till
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certain purposes celloidin is indispensable as when it
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observation serves only to con6rm and add new lustre
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water cask he missed bi footing and fell a distance of
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or the last two segments may form a breathing tube.
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scribed above as occurring about 7 1 2 p m. an hour
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transitions from one to the other. I cannot recall
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pital he said that not many years hence this beaytiful
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especially in the vicinity of the vopaj cords. Physical
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Medicine of Lyons establishes fully by observation
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most valuable materials for the biographer and the his
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This fact of the great difference in susceptibility to
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to which advanced age he retained the fullest vigor of
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on this subject wpich I have seen is in the Dictionnaire
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he had liad no passage since the Saturdav previous
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who will be at once recognised by some of our readers


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