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they are enlarged. In his second series he had five
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also assumed the same appearance. This was an awful
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many ties which bind you to this institution. We welcome you as
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Perhaps your patient's digestion is so impaired that food
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and L. Pearce. Chemopathological studies with compounds of
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E. 8. BiGERT, medical director, retired. Detached from the
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require it, are not provided with spittoons, and, as Texas lines
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Texas ; Dr. H. W. Cummings, Hearne, Texas ; Dr. B. M. Wbrsham,
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that the health of college women improves during the four years of
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As graduation from an approved college or scientific school
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may greatly reduce the necessity of State quarantine.
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know how to conserve all those forces and elements which go to make up
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illustrated with numerous charts, lantern slides, and speci-
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Beautiful and touching resolutions were adopted by the Dallas
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it is desired to arrest bleeding from any cut or exposed surface we
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:titute for Medical Research Present o t£ A Dire ^ to ™ °* the Rockefeller
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— Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, August 26, 1915.
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ine. It is "good for'" many things, — sick stomach, vomiting, diar-
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power, but a food of very high value. Every physician knows^ how-
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dosage each case is a law unto itself. In no class of cases will the
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as great as 110° ; this is considered phenomenal. At the end of the
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honest homoeopaths hold up their heads and continue to improve Homoeo-
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chusetts Board of Health, Smith, T., 431; Bartlet, W. W., 484; State
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All of the alkaline intravenous or intramuscular injections are given in the
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stance known to chemistry is built up. These elements have been
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excludes the possibility of the mosquito being the only disseminator,
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tendency to weak heart is met with strychnia, eggnog — milk punch
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