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tion, when injected under the skin of animals, it is immediately fatal."

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either bronchitis coexists, or the pleuritis is associated with phthisis.

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to result in one more confirmation of the judgment founded on

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albendazole (albenza) or mebendazole (vermox)

disease — the head is too big ; is empty, hollow ; is burn-

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of the humerus with the greatest facility. M. Despr^s

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quite possible that the phosphate blood tide is only one of the many

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The general interest in school libraries caused by the law

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insufficiency of bowel movements or of renal excretion

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as the ingestion of nitrogenized food is small or abundant, and also according

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Reprint. — Wadswortli (O. F.) A case of recurrent

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ment, as well as any peculiar features of the case. He

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der 12 inches in diameter and 20 inches* high, open at the

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There are here four of us (Dr. Adamson, Dr. Sequeira, Dr. Graham Little, and

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stances, however, that would incline us to suspect it to be the latter, because there is often

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as in hemorrhagic pernicious fevers. In the chronic form they come

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branches given off in this situation, and one of these instead of the

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bronchopneumonia, with a history of rickets. She was deliri-

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become mentally and physically weak are liable to have

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many of these masses form bony deposits, but some may remain as fibrous

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ficiently to make walking difficult. They contract as a re-

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In adult cases of club-foot, however, the cuboid bone

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exposed a tense, fluctuating, circumscribed mass intimately

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water, n few drops of Inadnnam to be ndded if diarrhoea was

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the salutary eflfects of temperance and exercise in

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varying degree of constitutional disturbance, and death by suffo-

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an eminent surgeon, that frequent resolution of an erysipelatous

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necessary during life, and that the rest might be left for

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and never to have had a case in which there was a hemorrhage without

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in the past, were tested and the results noted in Table IV. Out

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ered tendons free from adhesions was too important a result to


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