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Direct fissures often unite by the shortest track the two

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The articular disturbance is almost always very rapid in its development.

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can Medical Association" quotes the following: " Dr. Geza

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vexatious matter even to the homoeopathic therapeutist, any

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of having gained his degree, he became identified with the faculty of

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Old American Master." Many of his historical paintings are na-

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The prover is tired all day, sleepy, stupid, and weak ; the

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during this period. But each case should always be determined

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wondered at when we take into consideration the distressing

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their incursions upon the new "settlements" were so

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of common fracture, causes similar pain, though it is less

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facilitates their scattering. Lastly, the charge may be

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it is the most concentrated form available for administration,

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Either distant or mediate compression is the immediate

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be to obtain what appears to be a true explanation of the real

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diameter being about 7.5 /x, with normal variations between 6 and 9 /a. In

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two events in its medical history are seen to stand forth .with a

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Whatever the treatment made use of, it should he employed when

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As a teacher he was a success from the beginning. His

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in the warm room. I prescribed Hypericum**, with the very best

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variola depends. We all believe that infectiousness is a condi-

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Events in life, like the newspaper records of them, often need

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by him, as well as the Clinic in connection therewith, the East Side

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properties in connection with operations of the eye are now

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the assistance we have to render in cases of fracture.

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fully painful ; " and, being requested to locate the pain, she put

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31, 1S62, at Shoenau, Prussia, Germany. He obtained

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that have yielded me better results when carefully chosen. It


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