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of milk or its products in Mr. Baker's pages, but at Kesoona he
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other organs and tissues of the body, other symptoms than those which
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Willis Kirkbride, physician at the Northern Michigan State
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heat and moisture of the surrounding atmosphere, the obesity and age of the
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children, who almost involuntarily imitate diseases ; for
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this substance, and on its pharmaceutical preparations. The latter
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ity, of inebriety, of imbecility," which " will in future be traced
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Distinguished thus in its early stages by symptoms distinct
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-mv. ™^ .^^'P-iter tlian from riglit to left side.
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l>roduced in the diseased individual ; or 7. By pyaemic
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there surely could have been no difficulty in detecting it. The
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Pleuritic Effusion. — Delafield has advocated paracentesis as soon as
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M. Duchenne examined the young man and found slight diminution of elec-
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Dr. T. D. Fitch did not regard Dr. Sawyer's specimen as
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another the cells are arranged in an alveolar manner ; indeed it is, without
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according to the space occupied, and increase of resistance, commencing
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resemble scarlet fever and on another measles. It may be accompanied
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myrrh p. X. ~- of saffron, of boiled misy, of each p.X- 'i- these are to be boiled
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The patient becomes prostrate ; he lies on his back in bed, with eyes
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is of benefit the physician is making a serious error in
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Periosteal sarcoma appear in the skiagraph as a thickened condition
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that the child becomes a deaf-mute. A considerable degree of mental
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results of treatment in four cases of toxic amblyopia, as follows:
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waking with a scream from pain referred to deep in the wound;
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diseases is a positive danger to the community at large;
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holes perforated in the bottom, some simple handle,
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In a well-compensated mitral insufficiency the systemic circulation
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President-Elect, John J. Egan, M.D. Treasurer, Peter R. Coggins, M.D.
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not identical •■.1 th the typhoid bacillus, in the following
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strength of the child, and apply whatever other tonic measures may seem
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the bodies of infected animals must contain a very powerful
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dism. In answer to a question, Dr. Abbot said that the tumor felt like
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ony ; but that varicella prevailed there, more or less, every year:
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medical and surgical staff, two ophthalmologists, and two pediatrists.
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might be due to other substances than fat, Quincke included a third
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If there is much swelling and inflammation, the patient
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