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of extension in overcoming the contraction of muscles.
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to be trifling Marseilles being only six months earUer
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until the spray apparatus arrived. I then added half
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ability in connection with the establishment and im
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adoption of this course the committee have offered a
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Genera of the sub family Culicina. This sub family in
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blood is occasionally passed in ankylostomiasis. If
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The plans recommended in the writer s recent articles
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pulsation has yet returned in either of the arteries at
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sick for each of whom I prescribed or continued his
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required but the change in colour is the guide. The
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tient is in a recumbent position of the trunk to slide to
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him the love and respect not only of a large family cir
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and not with the syringe. In other words it should be
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small silver tubes each having a shoulder near one end
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trum was entirely loose in the cavity of the involucrum
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