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over twentv vears old. He gave warning against try-

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cancer the mammary epithelium also multiplies rapidly,

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treatment for an ulcer in the prison hospital, passed a

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in the region of his left kidney. This pain gradually in-

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where the orgau is removed for some neurotic trouble, as is now the custom

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deaths, or a mortality of i in every 14,000 ; while in

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tin passes unaltered into the smoke. Dealing with a

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in regard to the Thomsonian practice. It is affirmed, and that with-

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several ca.ses persons had been found dead in that Hospital,

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half an hour to a few hours with a scanty tenacious expectoration which

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In a histological study of the innerva- ral prolongation of which receives the

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this fact to the isolation of the specific causal organisms. Some

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Treatment. — I have never seen the slightest benefit from internal medica-

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that the head of epileptics is larger and the skull thicker than

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to have a family history in which such person should be included ;

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pirdt apres quelques convulsions, le troisieme jour de sa maladie, a onzc

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crudum, Belladonna, Hepar-sulphuris, Bhus-toxicodendron and Bryonia.

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and moist — we may hope that it will be soon over, especially if there is

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up old Somky's heights, range on range, higher and higher, forming,

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would emerge from their holes and stagger about as though they

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the houses, runs and coops of those affected (see under "Roup")

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proscriptive conservatism in English and Continental writers,

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efficacy in controlling inflammation. From my experience in more

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of life ; yet, in our ignorance of the final solution, we cannot say

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were not lacerated. The incision being somewhat ex-

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or indirectly producing a state of congestion of the vascular system

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that man is frail, and that the evils of promiscuous intercourse can

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taneously thirty-six hours after the operation ; recovery was

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tinal tract and other possible avenues of infection should be

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prevention of conception and unlawful abortion should

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having a faint aromatic odor and a slight taste. Soluble in 2,333

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That it is not an extravasation of blood seems probable from the lateness of its

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