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Itmibricoides between five and six inches long. A few

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A steam steriliser fig. 7 is simply a tall metal vessel

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morbid influence seemed to be extinguished. In only

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patient will often obtain relief by the speedy expulsion

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the same may be said of most of the portions of Europe.

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from Italy to the London School of Tropical Medicine

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increasing attention was called to the efficiency of

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cdosed area regaining the natural appearance of the skin.

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with narrow curved on spindle shaped scales. Scutellum

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of which he eat At eight o clock p.m. I found that he

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adapted to it for we cannot break it up with a needle

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of gentian violet is added to the i in 20 carbolic acid

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of the patella dressed a few hours after injury the

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explained. In Rotterdam but more largely in Amster

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being applied or tried upon armor plates for ships.

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that his actions are approved by the one who has en

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best known resemble a large Paramcecium Balantidium

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of an inch depth of water and these dishes are best

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This last fact seems to confirm the opinion of Virchow

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ing to the free border of the ribs will often give place

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be formed ftom a review of the deliberations of this

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IS the primary affection The anatomical relations of

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tilted up by the action of the flexors he assumes tnat

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rather biassed by the idea that belief in contagion must

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p. 620. Ptjrhaps it will not be inopportune here to

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istic tympanitic resonance of the organ. A distended

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