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tendency to act upon, irritate, or excite into a state of proliferating
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interest of the ethnologist, the physiologist, and the
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We are now better acquainted not only with the uses, but also
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it advisable ? Of course, now we speak of those tremendous
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and this woman have become one, and however impossible this may be in a
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of development. They may be classed as follows: Glands showing the
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particularly so because he had assured the man that the operation was
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ica, as they appear in the Caucasian, African, Indian and Esqui-
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Pain. — Pain in the ear, or as it is sometimes called, ear ache,
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ONE might maintain with some degree of justice that pneumonia
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ous Authors. Edited by Albert H. Buck, M. D. Vol. IX. 4to. pp. 1076. llus-
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in our list of agents, — this is all that is necessary. —
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have removed all of it and you may do injury to the soft parts.
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nor was there any brain lesion that would explain her
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which it is amusing to follow), it has come to denote a
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W. Parker, M.D., Professor of Surgery in the College of Physicians
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will pursue the subject no further. It will be sufficient, to give some
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leads me to a certain view in regard to hemic murmurs.
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In the parts. It is not unfrequently found that unwholesome dis-
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nature of these polypi there has prevailed, and still prevails, a good
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young trees, avoid making crotches or pruning too much.
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Dr. R. J. MacGregor read a paper on "Insanity and Public Opinion,"
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at the coming meeting. The Canadian Medical Association
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To avoid foot-soreness the first requisite is a properly shaped and
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three cases are to be added, making thirteen in all. Five of these
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or there may be some irritation of the diaphragm causing trouble-
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5th. Blood-globules and granules escape through the walls
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She had used digitalis, nux vomica, potassium iodide, lithia,
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There was no history of syphilis to be obtained, and
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visions ultimate solution of joint problems, that I
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disease as I became satisfied of its distinct character. It was repeated
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into the Tagina merely with the intention of rectifying either ante-
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chiefly by the pathological nature of the tumour ; by the effects of drug
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gressive; once obtained, the temperature should not rise again.
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the Western farmer most desires, is a hog that is hardy;
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Suppose these means do not answer; then get the history of the case,
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een montliH and now has eight teeth. It cannot hland
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a large quantity of liquid should be used. Purgatives should not be used if
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(h) Foot amputated for mycetoma. The s|)ecimen was obtained
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100. Chicken Leaf— Ingredients — A chicken, 2 oz. of butter, pepper,
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The twenty-third annual issue of the Official Year-Booh of the
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mural thrombus by the thrombolysis. 6 - 7 Even in patients
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