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of the discovery of an ultimate chemical origin of life is

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Spellanjnni t sue essful in similar experiments on the

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and the right lobe lay directly on the stomach as did

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Koman Catholic one. It is not probable however that

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all my own work and my own thoughts on this subject

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phin or atropin before giving an anesthetic as this takes away

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power to institute and hold Examinations for the purpose of testing the

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be given. The truss ought to be worn for at least four weeks

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staphylorrhaphy was an established procedure in sur

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by calling attention to the fact that it was the custom at

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record by excisions anterior to the Gasserian ganglion.

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medicine needs no emphasis. The early recognition of

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localized while in severe ones the symptoms persist or become

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bercle bacillus. The fever he ascribes to mixed infection

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early use of a full dose is of the greatest importance

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the bone narrow enough to facilitate rapid healing vithout

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nerves were placed in osmic acid immediately after they

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phureted hydrogen. The eye was so much injured that enucle

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vano faradism is the most efficient agent. He has usually ap

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or prolonging life or alleviating suffering. or will aid in the

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value of 400 calories. After each meal the stomach is mas

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general reliability of the author. It appears to us that his faults

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and complicate the difficulty. While recognizing that

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appendicitis in country practice under unfavorable circum

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successfully are returned to school and not re examined

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the male and female genitalia the stomach and the duodenum

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for nine or ten weeks that no study of the sensation could

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sated and finally dried into crusts which by pressure interfere

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the subject. He found that in these the pain appeared regular

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be thus exerted by united action of authorized repre

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Only after repeated operations on fresh cadavers possessing skulls

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tribe in operation for varicocele as it renders its removal

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cause of the changes in the bone production when the air is

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it was not bound by the opinion of expert witnesses but had

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p. 295 Nous aimerions raalgrg out voir figurer. dans ces observa

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in the symptoms of these cases is nausea and not vomiting.

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vision of the elder boy was 6 200 and that of the younger

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him to pay especial attention to all hygienic rules such

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I have endeavored to portray one of the serious re

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tions relating to methods of personal teaching. Such a school

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and should be practiced unless there are prohibitive adhesions.

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answer and he has even removed a small cancer from the lip

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Dr. F. Figueira recommends in Brazil MMicn of March

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ent treatments. He also gets them coming and going

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types of tic douloureux not including the purely symp

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and recommend the classification of Hohl as the best because etiologi

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Prof. Schafer. Experiments on Special Sense Localisations in the cortex cerebri

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one or two ounces of brain matter which owing to com

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not turn his head without turning the entire body and the chin

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threaten the success of the bill also came to nothing

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humeral head and tucking up the folds of the elongated

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leading hotels together with a complete ticker service in

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which the main convention will assemble affords the

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from the other. Malarial fever can be eliminated by the use

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you will be convinced that we have in the early stages

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the pulse fell to 94 at which point it remained for nearly

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far as the rule or order objected to went. Nor does it think

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acute necrotic myocardial foci to occlusion of the coron

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suffered no injury as her husband fortunately caught

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and lifting it above what it is at present to too great an

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