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was waived by her being offered as a witness by her husband

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would seem to be an argument in favor of their common origin.

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creased until two quarts are taken daily. It is best given in

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tubal catarrh and chronic catarrhal otitis media. 8. The

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and keeps up firm pressure on the uterus by the hand as a

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That not more than one fourth of the Council shall consist of

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bronchitis. Bronchorrhea with senile cough is common and

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sutured but generally this is not the case. The treatment is

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dicitis and as to his treatment of the stump of Ihe appendix.

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the toxin of the bacillus icteroides San.. The reaction

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and should be practiced unless there are prohibitive adhesions.

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respectable I make a note of it and when I have spare time

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Wisconsin State ifedical Society Milwaukee. June 20.

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of age who was brought to him from the country for a defect

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at her wishes in regard to the disposal of her property. He

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partment in private cases unless requested by the report

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